Casual Coffee Date Outfits

So Valentines Day has been and gone, and the rest of us that didn't have a date are wondering what to wear if we did. Aren't we? Going for coffee is the modern day courting and it's becoming an easier and more reliable way to meet people without the attachment of feeling obliged to a second date. It's way more casual to say 'we just went for coffee' rather than the pressure of asking about his mother and where he went to school as a child over a candle lit dinner with an awkward smile. It might work for some people, but especially if you haven't met before it may just be easier to chatte over a latte and do the whole working it out thing later. 

But as casual as these dates may be, you still have to decide what to wear and what vibe you want to give off. Do you go girly or full on #girlboss? Let's take a look at the options and see how we can maximise the date, or just enjoy the coffee! 

Girly Casual Coffee Date Outfit

The girly girl look is one we all like to pull out sometimes. A pretty skirt and a casual t-shirt paired with some good boots says 'I can dress well but casual' during the daytime. This can be the perfect look for a coffee date and when paired with tights you can even rock it in the colder months too.

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Smart and Girly Casual Coffee Date Outfit

This one is a cross between smart and girly. You can pair some plain, floral or patterned trousers with a silky top for a not quite date night outfit but still super pretty. It's not too try hard and not too casual, especially if you like the slightly smarter look. Maybe add some mid heels for a little extra height? This is our #girlboss mode.

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Jumper Dress for a Casual Coffee Date

It might not be summer yet but it sure is getting a little lighter and sometimes sunnier. A jumper dress is a good mix between winter and spring, keeping you warm but also showing a little leg, and there's nothing wrong with that! This look features plain black slip on trainers, but maybe go for some lace up dolly shoes if you really want to add a little jazz.

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So which is your favourite our of all our ideas? Make sure you let us know how the date goes!! 


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