Decaf Coffee Pods

Can’t seem to part with your Nespresso machine? Want great decaf Swiss Water® coffee but can’t seem to find any good quality decaf coffee pods? Raw Bean are here to solve all of your problems. Our Definitely Decaffeinated decaf Nespresso compatible pods fit right in your existing machine, giving you great coffee every time. Our Perfect Pods are decaf coffee capsules made from 100% aluminium, making them super sustainable. Once you’ve finished pouring your cup of Joe, simply wash, rinse, and pop in your recycling!

We’ve gently decaffeinated our decaf coffee pods using a Swiss Water process, meaning that no nasties have been involved, and your coffee is left tasting delicious. The tasting notes in our decaf Nespresso compatible pods include walnuts and dark cocoa, wrapped up in a smooth and creamy body, leaving you with a subtle, clean finish.

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How do I use the Definitely Decaf pods?

Our decaf pods may take slightly longer to extract than alternative options, but this just means we’re taking a little extra time to squeeze all of the goodness out of the coffee. We’ve ground our decaf coffee to perfection, meaning that every cup is just as good as the last.

Do the decaf coffee pods taste the same as the decaf coffee beans?

Heck yes! If you enjoy the taste of our decaf coffee beans or decaf ground coffee but love a good pod, our decaf coffee capsules are perfect for you. The coffee comes from El Eden, Colombia, is a single estate origin and tastes just as creamy, chocolatey and walnut-y as the rest of our Definitely Decaf selection.

If you need more help choosing what’s right for you or want to learn more about our decaffeinated coffee capsules, then we’ve got you! Give us a shout, and we can sort you out with your perfect cup.