Decaf Coffee Beans

Our Definitely Decaf coffee beans hail from Colombia and are decaffeinated using the all-natural Swiss Water® Process, using no chemicals or nasties. We use this method to maintain the smooth and creamy body of these decaffeinated coffee beans, packed full of notes of dark cocoa and walnuts, ending with a lingering clean finish.

We’re pretty committed to creating high-quality stuff, and we can prove it too. What you can find in our 1kg decaf coffee bean bags contains the same goodness that won a Great Taste Award in 2015. Our decaf espresso beans are so delicious that only a professional would be able to tell the difference between our decaf coffee and a normal buzzy cup.

Able to purchase in a large 1kg bag, find our decaf coffee beans online and never have to taste a below-average decaffeinated coffee ever again.

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How to prepare our decaf coffee beans:

Our Definitely Decaffeinated coffee beans are best served in a Bean to Cup machine or ground in a burr to create your perfect espresso…

  1. Decaf Espresso Beans for Bean to Cup

Fill your machine to the brim with your beans. Set the machine up (using the manual) to grind the coffee and produce a double shot in around 25-30 seconds. Hey presto, your decaf espresso is ready and waiting.

  1. Decaf Coffee Beans for Grinding

If you don’t own an espresso machine, not to worry! You can still make an excellent cup of coffee by using our decaf pyramid-shaped Bean Bags, ideal for making a filter coffee without any mess or fuss. If grinding for espresso, use around 18-21g of decaf espresso beans and grind until sand-like for a healthy double shot. For cafetiere, grind enough decaf coffee beans coarsely until you reach 16g. Prepare as usual. For those in a hurry, use our already Definitely Decaf ground coffee instead.

With plenty of options for decaf coffee beans online, you’ll never be without your favourite beverage. If you need help choosing your perfect cup, we can help! Just give us a shout if you need some help.