How to Recycle our Raw Bean 100% Aluminium Perfect Pods

The great news about Raw Bean Perfect Pods is that they are 100% Aluminium making them 100% recyclable .... HANG ON - there is one thing you have to do first  -  take the coffee out!

Alex has a couple of easy ways of doing this which he explains below:

1. Manually

Step 1:
Make sure you let the capsules cool down - I collect a few and then have a little meditation session where I remove all the coffee - becomes quite relaxing

Step 2:
Break the foil with the end of a teaspoon and scrape out the coffee either into the sink OR into a bowl so once finished you can sprinkle over the flowerbeds

Step 3:
Rinse the Pod and allow to dry - then they're ready to recycle


 2. Using a Upress

Upress is a little gadget that makes recycling Aluminium Pods much faster and cleaner - you can find it in our online store.  

Step 1: Place the Pod on the indent on the Upress base


How to Recycle Aluminium Coffee Pods

Step 2:
Put the lid over the top and push down - this will invert the pod pushing out the coffee


 Step 3:
Rinse the pod under the tap and allow to dry - then it's ready to recycle


I find it best to save a few pods up over the week and recycle them in one go. Here's the bowl I made earlier, while watching my favourite series on Netflix
(Pods still need a quick rinse) 

Recycled Aluminium Perfect Pods