Sustainability at Raw Bean

Raw Bean Pack showing Green Recyclable Packaging Logo

Partnering with Sustainable Growers

Our coffees are sourced in an ethical, environmental and socially responsible manner using traceable supply chains. We’re proud to work with estates and cooperatives that put sustainability at the heart of their business like the amazing Monte Sión Estate who have won multiple awards for their efforts in conservation and sustainable practices in El Salvador.

State of the Art Emission Controlled Roasting 

Our coffees are roasted on an ultra-efficient, heat-recycling roaster with state of the art emission control technologies. Catalytic converters, similar to those on cars, eliminate particulate and volatile organic compounds during the roast process, including carbon monoxide, reducing the emissions of each roasting cycle by 90% on average. This ensures that less than 100 mg/ Nm³ of exhausted gas are released into the atmosphere, compared with the potential of 4,000mg/Nm³ of traditional drum roasters without emission controls.

Additionally, energy consumption is lowered through a closed loop system with vertical layout, re-utilizing between 95-97% of the heat through the roasting chamber.

Committed to Recyclable and Biodegradable Materials

In 2021 we switched our coffees into recyclable packaging. We're delighted to share that all our 227g and 1kg coffee bags, as well as the liners for our boxes of 10 pyramid coffee bags and the envelopes for our individual coffee bags are now recyclable at larger supermarkets.

Additionally, our pyramid coffee bags are fully biodegradable and compostable. They are made from a PLA biopolymer web derived completely from sugars extracted from 100% renewable plants such as corn.

Our coffee pods are made from 100% aluminium which is infinitely recyclable and we stock a useful capsule emptying tool to make them even easier to recycle. Find out more about recycling our pods here.

Safeguarding the Future of Coffee by Supporting Sustainability Research

We’re proud to donate directly to vital research by World Coffee Research  towards higher quality coffee, more productive coffee farms, climate resilience and improved livelihoods for farmers.

Fighting Food Waste

When you purchase a pack of Raw Bean beans or ground from Waitrose or Sainsburys we donate 5p on your behalf to redirect surplus from the food industry to feed people in need.

Helping Customers Use Less Single Use Plastics

We're proud to supply Waitrose for their Unpacked trials at Oxford Botley Road, Cheltenham, Wallingford and Abingdon and are delighted to be gaining more refill stores such as Refill Shop Bude. Read more here