Fairtrade Coffee Beans

At Raw Bean Coffee, we’re about more than the perfect cup of coffee – we also believe in ethical and sustainable farming practices to ensure our ‘Unpacked’ Fairtrade coffee beans are good all around.

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What is Fairtrade?

What makes coffee beans Fairtrade? When you buy Fairtrade coffee, you’re supporting the Fairtrade Foundation. They supply certification to ensure that certain standards are met in the production and supply of Fairtrade espresso beans.

Coffee farmers supported by the Fairtrade Foundation receive Fairtrade Minimum Price and Fairtrade Premium:

  • Fairtrade Minimum Price means that the coffee farmers will be fairly compensated for their produce, whatever happens in the economy.
  • Fairtrade Premium is a bonus amount of money given to the farmers to invest in their community and business opportunities.

Farmers must use 25% of their Fairtrade Premium to boost their business’s productivity and quality – this means they could use it to build processing facilities, for example.

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Our Fairtrade Products

Our Fairtrade coffee beans are not only good for farmers but come in 2.5kg bags, so you can get a lot of coffee in very little packaging. If you only need a little you can also buy our Fairtrade coffees loose in the Waitrose Unpacked scheme at Oxford Botley Road, Cheltenham, Abingdon and Wallingford.

Our Honduras Café Capucas Fairtrade coffee beans are close to our hearts because we visited the farm where they grow and met the co-op! Not only Fairtrade but single-origin, this medium roast from Honduras has a milk chocolate aroma, with its flavour profile drawing from cashew nuts and rich stone fruits.

We love our Fair trade coffee beans, and we think you will too. Keep up to date with our products, recipes and giveaways on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or shop our entire range of coffees. So find your perfect brew today and give us a shout if you need a hand.