Ground Coffee

Our ground coffee range is varied and includes decaf, single-origin and dual-blend, with different roast strengths available to suit your preference. The beans are grown in South and Central America and are carefully ground to bring out the most flavour as you brew.

For more on our coffee origins, check out our Sustainability Projects and Fairtrade coffee range.

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Brewing Our Freshly-Ground Coffee

Okay, so you know how not to brew ground coffee, let’s take a look at how to brew that perfect cup from our high quality, freshly-ground coffee.


Most people who buy ground coffee will do so using a cafetiere, pouring hot water over coffee grounds and leaving it to brew, and then pressing the filter down to remove the grounds from the coffee.

Filter Coffee and the V60 Method

If filter or drip coffee is your go-to brew, you might prefer using a filter coffee machine or the V60 method. Both apply the same basic principles of slowly running hot water through a filter holding coffee grounds.

A filter coffee machine will do this by itself, so you can have coffee preparing while you get ready for the day. The V60 method requires you to pour the water yourself but is a favourite of speciality coffee brewers for the rich, complex flavours it brings out.

And last but not least, you can also brew our freshly-ground coffee with AeroPress coffee makers.

If you’re looking to buy ground coffee online, Raw Bean offers top quality coffee with taste sensations in every sip. Shop our entire range, check out our Facebook and Instagram for our latest updates, or contact us for more information.