Decaf Ground Coffee

Our Definitely Decaffeinated decaf ground coffee is a single-origin coffee from Colombia. Suitable for decaf espresso grounds or decaf cafetiere, our decaffeinated ground coffee has a smooth and creamy flavour profile with big notes of dark cocoa and walnuts, finishing with a subtle clean aftertaste.

We use the gentle decaf Swiss Water® process to extract our caffeine from the coffee beans, leaving you with all of the taste and none of the caffeine! Our water processed decaf is left with the same taste but with 99.9% less caffeine content. We refuse to compromise on flavour or quality!

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How to prepare our decaffeinated ground coffee:

Our Definitely Decaffeinated decaf ground coffee is best served in either espresso or cafetiere format – we’ll leave it up to you to decide which is best for you…

  1. Decaf ground coffee

Place around 18-21g of decaf espresso fine grounds into your espresso machine’s portafilter for a double shot of decaf espresso. Then, pop your portafilter into your espresso machine and hit go! Your coffee should run smoothly for around 25-30 seconds, leaving you with a perfect cup of decaf espresso.

  1. Cafetiere using decaffeinated ground coffee

Boil your kettle and leave it for a few minutes. Add 16g of decaf ground coffee for one cup of Joe. Fill the cafetiere with hot water, give it a stir, then leave it to steep for at least 4 minutes. When ready, plunge the cafetiere filter and serve it up in your favourite cup.

Sound like your kind of thing? We offer plenty of delivery options when buying our decaf ground coffee. In need of some help? Contact us, and we’ll sort you out.