Raw Bean Coffee Bags

We’ve never wanted to compromise good coffee for convenience at Raw Bean, so we’ve created our own line of Raw Bean coffee bags. Quick, easy to use and a gorgeous roast.

Camping? Hiking? Self-catering holiday? Van life? We’ve got your back. You’ll never have to resort to instant coffee again.

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How Do They Work?

Our ground coffee bags are the perfect compromise between a cafetiere and a teabag. They’re like coffee teabags! A cafetiere works by allowing the ground coffee to brew in hot water before straining the grounds for maximum flavour.

A coffee bag works in much the same way. Our pyramid-shaped ground coffee bags are filled with 100% Arabica ground coffee – simply top off with hot water. No mess, no fuss.

For the ideal flavour, we recommend squeezing the bag against the side of the mug with your spoon after you pour the water, waiting three minutes for the flavours to infuse, and then squeezing it again.  Lift it out and reveal a delicious cup of coffee, perfectly brewed.

Because the coffee grounds will expand and move as they permeate the water, we’ve shaped our individual coffee bags into pyramids to give them as much space as possible.

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What Do I Need?

That’s the best part – you don’t need anything except a mug, a spoon, and a bit of hot water. This means that Raw Bean coffee bags are perfect for any use, whether you don’t have time in the morning to make a fresh coffee or if you’re on the go.

We offer a variety of different coffees for however you prefer to brew, from Perfect Pods to the beans themselves. For more information, check out our blog, or take a look at our entire collection of decadent coffees.