Decaf Coffee Bags

At Raw Bean, we’re big on flavour and even bigger on making your life easier. We don’t believe drinking delicious decaf coffee should be difficult! Our decaf coffee bags ensure that making a decent brew is as easy as can be. For those in a hurry, limited on time, or just looking for everyday ease, our Definitely Decaffeinated Bean Bags are for you.

Our single serve decaf coffee packets are made with our delicious Arabica coffee, with tasting notes of dark cocoa and walnuts, wrapped up in a smooth and creamy body. We pack our pyramid-shaped decaf coffee bags to the brim, meaning you never have to touch instant decaf coffee again (hurray!).

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How to use our decaffeinated coffee bags

We’re so glad you asked. Our decaf coffee ‘tea’ bags couldn’t be simpler to use. Pop in your favourite mug, fill with hot water, squeeze (an essential step, so the water and decaf coffee infuse), dance around to your favourite song for a few minutes, then reward yourself with a cup of coffee. All the flavour, none of the fuss.

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Where can I use my decaf coffee bags?

Our decaffeinated coffee bags are very handy, meaning you can transport them just about anywhere. We’ve listed some suggestions on where we think you should tuck into one of our single serve decaf coffee packets.

  • A remote Airbnb.
  • Travelling the country in a campervan.
  • On the top of a mountain during a hiking trip.
  • During your commute.
  • Taking a well-deserved break on your boat whilst sailing the seas.
  • A cute picnic in the park.
  • Sat on your terrace in the South of France.
  • In a smelly field, in between gigs at a festival.

Simple, easy, great coffee. What’s not to like? If you want to learn more about our decaf coffee bags, or the rest of our decaf selection, get in touch, and we’ll answer any questions.