Single Origin Ground Coffee

We adore single origin coffee at Raw Bean – even our dual-blend coffees like the Deliciously Dark blend are a combination of two single-origin coffees. Of course, any coffee aficionado will tell you that single origin ground coffee is amazing, but do you know why?

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What is Single Source Coffee?

Single-origin (or single source) coffee means that all of the coffee is sourced from the same place, whether that’s a region or a single farm.

Single-origin coffee is not just about being interested in where your food comes from. It’s also better quality, encourages sustainable growing practices and supports smaller farms.

Coffee beans grown in specific regions also have specific flavour profiles based on the soil, altitude, nearby plants and climate, among other things. This means that single origin ground coffee is unique and, of course, delicious.

It’s not only ground coffee – our single origin ground coffee also appears in our bean bags, Perfect Pods and our coffee beans.

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Mega Mexican Coffee

Our Mega Mexican ground coffee is one of our star single-origin coffees. It’s grown in Finca Aurora in Oaxaca, Mexico. Aside from the region’s famed mountains and coast, it grows some of the best coffee in Mexico. The coffee plants are grown in their own microclimate, between 1110 and 1250 meters above sea level.

To buy our single-origin coffee online, please browse our collection and add your desired coffee to your shopping cart. If you have any questions about our single-origin coffee, please feel free to contact us, and why not check out our blog for news, recipes and lifestyle tips?