Pancake Day - Our Favourite Recipes

Pancake Day is fast approaching and on the 13th of February we may well be attempting to flip a homemade delight without getting it stuck to the ceiling!

Buying a pre mix is great, but they are easy peasy to make yourself, especially if you grab your favourite cup of coffee in preparation! 

First up is the fluffy American style, topped with all the goodies you could ever wish for. These can be made sweet or savoury topped with your favourite ingredients. Maybe for breakfast go for the fruit topped variety and for dessert a chocolate covered masterpiece? However you like to enjoy yours, here are some recipes you may like  to create wonderful  pancakes.

Pancake Recipes with Chocolate Sauce and Marshmallows

There are a lot of you out there who may want to enjoy the pancake fiesta, but can't or don't eat dairy, gluten or all the other stuff that traditionally goes into the mix . So what do you make them out of? Well if you combine these 4 ingredients you get something resembling a very tasty pancake! You can then add all the toppings you want  and enjoy!

Vegan Pancake Recipe

Then finally we come to the one for those of you who are pretty advanced in your pancake making career. The Nutella Stuffed Pancakes! If you're confident enough in your flipping abilities as well as your spreading and topping, then these are the ones for you! And I mean, well don't they just look incredible ..... You WILL want to try these!

Strawberry and Nutella Pancake Recipe

So there you have it!

All our favourite recipes for the pancake day period, while indulging and sipping on the quality coffee you know you get from Raw Bean!

Which cup will you pair with your pancakes? Make sure to tag us in all of your photos from the flipping great day! 

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