Mega Mexican Finca Aurora 227g - Single Origin Ground Coffee

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Finca Aurora is in Huatulco, in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Huatulco is famed for its imposing mountains and preserved pacific coast line. The farmers of this region grow some of Mexico's finest coffees. The coffee trees are grown at an altitude of 1110 - 1250 masl in their own unique micro climate.

During the coffee harvest, ripe coffee cherries are handpicked for quality then pulped and fermented. They are turned by hand and dried on raised beds in the natural sunlight.

The roast profile has been created to accentuate the coffee's flavour and taste qualities, 'warming spices, tangerine sweetness, a smooth body and rich chocolate finish'. Fantastic with all milks as it enhances the body and sweet caramelised finish.