Winchester Farmers Market

In today’s ‘rush around’ world, top-notch coffee is increasingly relied upon as an essential me-time medium that allows individuals with hectic lives to take a few well deserved moments out to take stock, kick back, or calmly consider their next moves.  

At work we’re all too aware that a first-rate coffee can offer a small snippet of well-deserved escapism or be the all-important intermediary that gets everyone around the table talking.

Away from the daily grind, coffee provides the perfect excuse to gather with those that matter most reminding great friends and family that it was far too long since they last got together.

It’s for all these reasons (and a million more besides) that Alex has decided to go back out on tour to the finest farmers’ market that the UK has to offer.

So why not pop along to the Raw Bean tent and join Alex for a sublime cup of coffee, if for no other reason other than to remind yourself that however well or badly your day is going, great coffee makes any moment a little better.