Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated coffee the answer to Jan Detox?

Keep going, you’re half way through Detox Jan!

Once the excesses of Christmas are over the trend is to start to make drastic changes to our lifestyle - “dry January”!, “hit the gym” and cut back on caffeine! All very well and good but the humble cup of coffee is one thing very hard to give up, not only the lovely taste BUT the rituals –

  • Stopping for a coffee break,
  • First cup of the day sitting starring into the middle distance as you wake up
  • Meeting friends for coffee to share the latest news.

Well of course there is an alternative to cutting your cup of Joe - Raw Bean’s Definitely Decaffeinated which is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process – you get the best of both worlds, Great tasting coffee without compromising the flavour or aroma – just the caffeine taken out. Allowing you to enjoy your coffee without the January Detox halo being tarnished.

The Swiss Water Process ( takes the caffeine out of the green beans using water! First bean that are going to be discarded are used to saturate the water (unable to absorb any further flavour). Once these beans have been discarded the fresh beans, you are looking to decaffeinate, are added to the water and only the caffeine leaches out. Giving you decaffeinated beans that have all the flavour but non of the caffeine.

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