A passion for great coffee & having fun!

Alex Cox - founder & Owner of Raw Bean Coffee picking coffee in Capucas Honduras

Raw Bean Founder

“Every situation, good or bad, can be improved with a cup of great coffee”

Coffee brings us together. We catch up and open up, we discuss the sublime and the serious. We gossip and banter. We practice the delicate dance of conversation.

I've come to the conclusion Raw Bean doesn’t make you stronger, fitter, smarter or better looking. But I believe that relationships, a laugh and a smile, help us through the many and varied challenges that life throws at us. What better way to do this then over a coffee

Our Story - Est. 2012

I started out with a dream to have my own business – and they always say “turn your hobby into your job and you'll never work another day in your life!” so here we are! Raw Bean establish 2012 and still going. 

Since we started we have launched in Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Holland & Barrett. As a small company we do our best to innovate with the launch of the first Swiss Water coffee in retail and the first ever pyramid coffee bag - offering 50% more coffee than the other major brands.     


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Our mission:

‘Don’t take yourself too seriously, no one else does’

Serve high quality coffee - in the right format for the occasion

Respect everybody involved in the coffee's journey from bush-to-cup 

Always look to minimise our impact on our environment 
Raw Bean’s core traits:-
Playful – Premium – Pioneering   

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Quality Coffee

We always use top quality coffees using Q graders to ensure the we meet our ongoing high standards

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50% more coffee than the competition

Quality of the coffee is only half the story! You need to have the right ratios to make the flavours of the coffee sing - that's why our bags have 12g of coffee the ideal ration for a mug of coffee

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Pyramid bag give the coffee space to infuse

Fresh coffee 'blooms' when you add the water that's why our unique pyramids bags are best - they have the room to let the coffee expand and infuse - releasing the aroma and flavour for you to enjoy

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