Coffee in Comfort: The 3 Best Sipping Chairs

Taking time out of your day to relax for even 5 minutes may be something we all forget to do, or maybe something you consciously make time for. Either way, it's something we should all do, and what better time to do it than with a coffee, a good book and a lot of comfort. Wherever you enjoy yours, one of the best places can be a little space just to sit and watch the world go by while you enjoy your favourite cup. 

Decor can play a great part in how relaxed we are at home and accent chairs can make all the difference when finding your perfect spot to enjoy some peace. You may already have your desired comfort blanket, but if you haven't yet found it, here are a few ideas for some home additions that can really add that touch of quiet contemplation to your cup. 

The Modern Wonder...

The Best Chairs For Drinking Coffee

For those of you with a more contemporary style, the classic shapes and styles can work for the same areas but with a little jazz and some modern touches. This chair will have you siping your coffee in a regal way but with all the comfort of a chaise longue. This is definitely one for the caffetiere masters and tip top sippers. A touch of romance fills the feel of this accent chair don't you think?

Find it here: Lux Deco

The Simplistic Comfort

Simple Yet Comfortable Chair For Sipping Coffee

Some like it hot, some like things a little more simple. But don't be fooled by simplicity because that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Like this chair, it says a lot about personality just as much as a decadent chair would. Flipping through a magazine or newspaper (or Kindle these days?) is a great pairing for a luxurious yet understated seat like this. Maybe one for those who enjoy a late night espresso martini made with your favourite beans? Top it with a couple of extra beans for a little added classic touch.

Find it here:

The Master 

Comfy Chair for Drinking Coffee

A leather chair can sometimes be seen as a little less comfort and more practicality, but this has both. Style and comfort and all of the trimmings of a classic and country home with a slight modern twist to keep it updated. Even if you don't possess any other leather furniture, this in a small corner with a table for you to rest your cup on while you sit by the fire can have you dreaming away the worries of the day.

Find it here:

So where is your favourite spot to drink your cup? If you have any photos of your perfect chair why not send them through to us! We would love to see where you take a moment of solace to sip and dream.