Covid-19 - Keep Positive! Flip it!

I have to say, as far as business goes, I have never experienced anything like this! Even though Raw Bean is a small business and I constantly have worries about winning new customers, losing customers, getting paid and exceeding customer expectation. I hadn’t planned for something like this, so completely beyond my control.

However, after an initial period with all the worst scenarios running through my head – I have decided to go back to an old Christmas present – the book ‘Flip it!’  by Michael Heppell. It’s been a long time since I read it but in principle (and I’m sure it’s a lot more in-depth) in every situation there is always a positive!

Self-isolation has led to the following POSITIVE things:

  • Loads more time with my wife! Chatting, BBQ’ing & planning the future
  • Time to do all the little bits to the website to make it better (hence this blog!)
  • Growth of online sales – now I need to keep new customers happy
  • Finding new ways to keep family entertained – lots of phone calls!
  • Helping my parents for a change – rather than them always helping me
  • DIY round the house – that painting will finally get done!
  • Amazing new WhatsApp groups with loads of typically British humour 😊

As a person with lots of energy I still look forward to getting out for a walk. I hope if we all follow the 2m rule we won’t need to move to a strict lock-down, if that happens I might need the advance Flip it book!

I hope everybody stays safe and healthy, buying just what they need (except Raw Bean …. Fill your boots!) and looking after their loved ones.

Thanks again for all your support and patience as I try and get all these orders out!

Alex Cox

Raw Bean Owner