How To Have The Perfect Valentine's Breakfast

Flowers? Presents? A cinema date or dinner out? These are all great ways to show your other half that you care about them on Valentine’s Day but how will you start the day? Traditionally breakfast in bed is the way to go, and as much as it takes some preparation, the look on his/her face when they are served with this is priceless...

It would be lovely if we could do this everyday but lets be honest, we have busy lives and jobs and things to do, so the little things get left behind. Here at Raw Bean Ltd we like to celebrate the smaller moments, the ones you share with a coffee and a catch-up or reading a book after a long day. So this time we are heading full throttle into the mushy stuff and love hearts for the Valentines period, expect a lot of red! 

Valentine's Day Pancakes and Coffee
Valentine's Day Pancakes

Whether you've been together for 10 years or it's a brand new relationship in the "everything about you is amazing" phase, the effort will not go unnoticed. Making the little memories is just as important as the big fancy things, and I mean who doesn't like waffles and strawberries? Pick up some easy to heat waffles that you can warm up whilst cutting the strawberries. Simple, fresh and to make them a little sweeter, add some sugar to the strawberries and a little butter to the waffles! 

Serve up with a cup of Fino Latino ground coffee in your cafetiere.... Latino Blend Coffee

Valentine's Day Pancakes and Coffee

We've all seen that Instagram breakfast with the perfectly cooked eggs and runny hollandaise sauce, but seriously how DO they make them look THAT GOOD?! If there's any day to give them a go then its the big V-Day so why not try it this way (with helpful tutorial)..... Eggs Benny Recipe. Don't cry over broken eggs eh! 

Valentine's Day Pancakes and Coffee

Now we know that everyones coffee preference is different so here the other two loves of OUR life on Valentines. The Mega Mexican Ground Coffee and Mega Mexican Coffee Beans, perfect for whichever way you like it made! (Maybe ask them first though to avoid disaster....).

Well there it is! Add some flowers and maybe a cheesy card to the tray just to add a little extra love and make sure you tag us on Instagram and tell us how it went!