Raw Bean Definitely Decaf Espresso Ground. A smooth Swiss Water, single origin Colombian coffee, fine ground for use in espresso machines
Raw Bean Proper Coffee Definitely Decaf Espresso Ground coffee 227g pack. A smooth Swiss Water Process single origin Colombian with notes of dark chocolate

Definitely Decaffeinated Single Origin ESPRESSO Ground Coffee 227g

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New! We've now added an ESPRESSO GROUND version of our popular Definitely Decaffeinated, single origin coffee from El Eden, Colombia. Just like the original, Great Taste award winning, Definitely Decaf ground coffee, it is a medium roast with a smooth, creamy body, notes of dark cocoa and walnuts and a subtle clean finish. However, we've used a finer grind to make it perfect for your espresso machine. 

Gently decaffeinated using the ecologically friendly Swiss Water® Process, this is a decaf coffee with no compromise on taste or aroma. 

Unlike some decaffeination methods, the Swiss Water® Process is 100% chemical free. Using water, this process removes 99.9% of the caffeine without affecting the flavour, body and aroma of this unique origin. The best of the bean remains while only the caffeine is removed, allowing you to have a great tasting coffee at any time of day. 

Ideal for home use or small café who only have one grinder and still want a high quality decaf.

If you use a cafetiere, pour-over or filter coffee machine, we recommend you select our original Definitely Decaf ground coffee instead, which is an omni-grind better suited to these brewing methods.