Definitely Decaf Ethiopian Sidamo Ground Coffee - 200g

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Following the popularity of our original Definitely Decaf coffees, we've created a whole "Definitely Decaf by Raw Bean" range with six exciting new single origins, all decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process.

The Sidama people in South Ethiopia cultivate coffee amidst lush, fertile landscapes, intercropped with false banana, papaya, tea, honey and avocados. This unique Sidama coffee is a symphony of flavours born from selective picking, wet fermentation, and sun-drying at varying altitudes. Diverse varietals create a harmonious blend of delicate and tea-like qualities. Zesty citric notes intertwine with notes of ripe berries and the subtle allure of fragrant florals.

Omni-ground, ideal for a cafetiere, pour-over or filter coffee machine.

Packaging recyclable at larger supermarkets. 

Some decaffeination methods can affect flavour, body and aroma, that’s why we use the Swiss Water® Process for the specialty coffees in our Definitely Decaffeinated range. This gentle process is 100% free of chemical solvents and preserves the unique characteristics of each of these single origins.

LOCATION Sidamo, Oromia
PROCESS Selective picking, Wet fermentation and Sun dried