Definitely Decaf Sumatran Fairtrade Organic Ground Coffee - 200g

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Following the popularity of our original Definitely Decaf coffees, we've created a whole "Definitely Decaf by Raw Bean" range with six exciting new single origins, all decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process.

Our Fairtrade Organic Mandheling from Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, is grown in the rich volcanic soil, rolling hills, vast lakes and tropical climate of Lake Toba, Aceh and Lingtong. Traditionally Mandailing refers to the tribe who grow coffee near the Lake Toba region in Tapanuli and Mandhleing is an adaption of their name. This coffee is processed by the distinctive Sumatran Gilling Bash process (wet hulled) or semi washed. 

In every cup, you'll discover the distinct character of this Sumatran coffee, with smokey notes of molasses, tropical fruits and spice complemented by the richness of cocoa and a creamy body, all leading to a bold and satisfying finish.

Omni-ground, ideal for a cafetiere, pour-over or filter coffee machine.

Packaging recyclable at larger supermarkets. 

Some decaffeination methods can affect flavour, body and aroma, that’s why we use the Swiss Water® Process for the specialty coffees in our Definitely Decaffeinated range. This gentle process is 100% free of chemical solvents and preserves the unique characteristics of each of these single origins.

LOCATION Lake Toba, Aceh and Lingtong
VARIETALS Typica, Linie- S, Caturra, Catimor
PROCESS Gilling Bash (Wet Hulled) or Semi Washed
PICKING Selective and Hand Picking