How To Stay Motivated in February

It's got to that point now where if you set yourself some goals, they may have started to slip. Getting up 15 minutes early has slowly slipped back to snoozing for 10 minutes and brushing your teeth in the shower and cooking every night to meal prep for lunch may have turned to ... well... Subway?

This is where we have to muster all the motivation we can get to make sure our goals and resolutions don't slip and become unfulfilled like all the other years before us. So pour yourself a cup of the finest Raw Bean Mexican Blend and take a look through our helpful pointers!

How To Stay Motivated in February

Look Over Your Goals

Sometimes when we get caught up in the whole 'New Year New Me' thing, we can end up setting goals that are so unachievable we would just never follow them through. For example eating healthy all of the time, everyone needs a cheat day now and then and the more you stop yourself, the easier it will be to fall off the wagon. 

For example, if you're goal was to earn an extra £1000 per month by the end of the year, what steps can you take to get there? Break it down into month by month and then you might not feel so overwhelmed by the whole end goal. This one requires a little more concentration so maybe enjoy some Latino Fusion Coffee Blend while you're goal shaping?

How To Stay Motivated in February

Be Realistic With Financial Budgets

It's all well and good telling yourself you won't drink, or you won't eat out or that you'll give up that morning Starbucks but when it comes down to it, sometimes those are the things you enjoy and why should you give them ALL up? It's great to have a budget set out but like the other example, if it's too unrealistic you won't stick to it and you'll be buying ponies and drinking champagne before you know it. 

Make sure you leave yourself a few little luxuries within the budget, just so you can enjoy the little things you love. Add in enough for one takeaway per week if that's what you like! And make sure you leave in enough for your Raw Bean Breakfast Blend Bags, a little treat but essential to having a productive morning.

So how do you make sure you stick to your goals? Give us all you're tips and help us stick to ours as well! 

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