Definitely Decaf Brazilian Oberon Ground Coffee - 200g

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Following the popularity of our original Definitely Decaf coffees, we've created a whole "Definitely Decaf by Raw Bean" range with six exciting new single origins, all decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process.

This coffee is our Brazilian Oberon, an exceptional blend hailing from the renowned Cerrado region, a place of coffee excellence and a thriving hub of coffee culture. Our Cerrado blend embodies the region's celebrated qualities: a creamy smooth body, malty chocolate and delicate citric notes, with a touch of light acidity.

Nestled in the southwest of Minas Gerais, the Cerrado region is known for its homogeneous climate and altitude. This enables farmers to focus on quality and production, unburdened by the whims of the weather and delivering a consistently excellent cup profile.

Omni-ground, ideal for a cafetiere, pour-over or filter coffee machine.

Packaging recyclable at larger supermarkets. 

Some decaffeination methods can affect flavour, body and aroma, that’s why we use the Swiss Water® Process for the specialty coffees in our Definitely Decaffeinated range. This gentle process is 100% free of chemical solvents and preserves the unique characteristics of each of these single origins.

LOCATION Cerrado, Brazil
ALTITUDE 900-1250 masl
VARIETALS Mundo Novo, Catuai, Bourbon