Definitely Decaf Hacienda Sonora, Costa Rican Ground Coffee - 200g

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Following the popularity of our original Definitely Decaf coffees, we've created a whole "Definitely Decaf by Raw Bean" range with six exciting new single origins, all decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process.

This micro-lot coffee hails from the single estate of Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica. Nestled at the base of the Poas Volcano in the Central Valley, this century-old family estate spans 100 hectares of lush terrain. Perched at 1,200 meters above sea level, it benefits from nutrient-rich volcanic soil and a vibrant ecosystem teeming with wildlife.

Since the 1970s, Alberto Guardia, has transformed this land into a coffee paradise, pioneering innovative processing techniques such as Honey and Naturals. Today, Hacienda Sonora specializes in micro lots and boasts a wide range of varietals, each offering a unique complexity.

Unlike many natural process coffees, this micro lot strikes a perfect balance, captivating with its clear, nuanced flavours. It enchants the palate with lively, ripe cherry-like fruitiness and exquisite caramel sweetness that lingers through a long, satisfying finish.

Omni-ground, ideal for a cafetiere, pour-over or filter coffee machine.

Packaging recyclable at larger supermarkets. 

Some decaffeination methods can affect flavour, body and aroma, that’s why we use the Swiss Water® Process for the specialty coffees in our Definitely Decaffeinated range. This gentle process is 100% free of chemical solvents and preserves the unique characteristics of each of these single origins.

LOCATION Hacienda Sonora, Alajuela
ALTITUDE 1300 masl