Definitely Decaffeinated Coffee Bean Bags x 10

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Definitely Decaffeinated Bean Bags - Swiss Water 100% chemical free process (SWP) - Smooth, creamy body and hints of dark cocoa and walnuts.

The Eco-friendly, pyramid-shaped Bean Bags are full to the brim with 100% ground Arabica coffee, a handy alternative to cafetiere. They are an excellent solution for coffee drinkers who are looking for convenience without compromising on quality.

Not only to simplify the daily morning coffee at home experience, but also for the occasions where fresh, quality coffee would not normally be available ... at the remote Airbnb or cottage rental; on the road in the campervan; on the boat, fishing, camping, hiking trip or even work.

With Bean Bags, there’s no mess, no special equipment required (just a mug & hot water), and no need to resort to drinking instant