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It's January! Time for those #NewYearNewMe tweets that we all know will last about a week. But if you really are sticking to your goals, like maybe a detox, then we have the perfect thing......

As much as we love all of the benefits to caffeine, and appreciate all it does for us, sometimes we need a little break. January is the perfect time to detox everything from your wardrobe to your body and even your kitchen cupboards. If you're prone to getting the jitters or don't like the buzz you get from a cup of coffee, try having a sip of decaf before or after your workout this new year. Raising your heart rate during your workout when you've gulped down a decaf before, means you won't have to worry about your pulse getting too high. You can enjoy your exercises with the taste of coffee and not the panic. 

Cutting Down Caffeine Tips
Health Benefits of Cutting Down Caffeine
Health Benefits of Cutting Down Caffeine

Our Definitely Decaf is made a little purer than the average cup of decaf. The Caffeine is removed using the Swiss Water® Process which is 100% chemical free. Using water, this process removes 99.9% of the caffeine without affecting the flavour, body and aroma of the drink. We think that's pretty impressive.... 

Even though it doesn't necessarily contain the caffeine, the coffee still helps to clear your body with antioxidants, which is also great for your skin and leaving you looking younger for longer. 

The best thing about our Definitely Decaf? You can enjoy it as ground coffee, perfectly ready for that morning are in your cafetiere or grab and go with our Bean Bags. All the same great taste but inside a compact little bag, just add hot water and you've got a quality coffee wherever you are. 

How are you starting your year? Tag us in your photos with your coffee and make sure you tell everyone about the great taste of Definitely Decaf! 

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Health Benefits of Decaffeinated Coffee
Health Benefits of Decaffeinated Coffee