Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated coffee the answer to Jan Detox?

Keep going, you’re half way through Detox Jan!

Once the excesses of Christmas are over the trend is to start to make drastic changes to our lifestyle - “dry January”!, “hit the gym” and cut back on caffeine! All very well and good but the humble cup of coffee is one thing very hard to give up, not only the lovely taste BUT the rituals –

  • Stopping for a coffee break,
  • First cup of the day sitting starring into the middle distance as you wake up
  • Meeting friends for coffee to share the latest news.


Movember - Your chance to donate

Movember - Your chance to donate

Movember time of year has come round again and the observant amongst you may have spotted my handsome, bushy moustache! This charity event takes place every November and “mo bros” across the country are growing moustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health - if you have the inclination, please support me at

Raw Bean's BBC Good Food Show Bonanza

Raw Bean's BBC Good Food Show Bonanza

 We've been busy - here's the latest things Raw Bean have been getting up to AND a tip to save 25% on coffee when you buy online. 

Raw Bean has been making a splash as we come into Christmas. Having won the great taste awards in August it was about time to start shouting about it! What better opportunity than the BBC Good Food Show to let consumers hear about the Great Taste Award winning range available exclusively in Waitrose. For the show we also sourced some special, single origin coffees. The show was timely as it coincided with the...


Now this latest adventure really feels like we’ve stepped up to the top table of the fine food fraternity with our much anticipated debut at the BBC Good Food Show, where the great and the good of GB food huddle together and talk shop.

We certainly haven’t got the biggest stand in town, in fact if you blink you’re likely to wander right past. However, for those of you determined enough to track us down, we can promise you a nice cuppa, a few interesting thoughts and a warm, friendly smile.


For a young, fledgling business like ours, The Great Taste Awards provides a giddy fix of excitement and apprehension. We won’t lie; having entered the award in a mad moment, we metaphorically stood there on our tippy toes hoping to be noticed, high fived but above all be told by people who are truly in the know that we were indeed doing something genuinely worthwhile.

We needn’t have worried, that fine band of chefs, buyers, retailers, food writers and assorted industry experts were kind enough to reward three of our lines with their instantly recognizable black and gold star seal...